Back in 1999 a voice came to me and said, Bootsy you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame now it is time for you to pass it on to the youth so that they can have theirs. The sole purpose for the BCF is to allow kids of all backgrounds to be able to come together and learn how to work together like we had to as a band, today they don’t have to play with each other they can create music in a box and make money at it as well. So who needs the headache? What if you knew that this headache holds the keys to your soul and some mighty blessings that just make you feel good allover. You may not get paid for exercising but it makes you look & feel great. These values are priceless when you can work as a team with the aim to become united. Working as one will bring the proper balance in your life. Our society is now quickly removing the human touch and good feelings for one another away.

BCF is very concerned about this alienation of souls and want to help bring people back together instead of continuing
our quest for total isolation. The creative process works b
est when there is a relationship between one another.

The creator of human life did not make us to work alone.


A message from Bootsy and Patti:

The Bootsy Collins Foundation, recognized internationally, serves to educate, provide
and communicate music through the culture of the region or nation from which it comes.
Music is a lens through which we can visit another place and time.
The Bootsy Collins Foundation will contribute to music education of youth,
while serving as a resource for parents and educators.
Bootsy and Patti